Save Big on RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Furniture


While others (including my own family) are turned-off by the idea of RTA furniture, I’ve always been a huge fan of the stuff.

For those “not in the know”, ready-to-assemble furniture was first made big by the world’s largest RTA maker – IKEA. And if you haven’t heard of IKEA then you’ve probably been living on a different planet.

IKEA made famous the concept of RTA furniture when one of its employees was trying to fit a table into his care and decided to take the legs off first and re-assemble the table later. Shortly thereafter, he brought the idea to his employers and over 50 years later RTA furniture is the most popular style of furnishings in the world.

Unfortunately, many people associate quality, or rather lack of quality with RTA furnishings – and this is just wrong. Maybe it is the immediate association with the brand IKEA and the idea of big box retailers that diminish the quality image. However, RTA furniture is well worth the investment and can be had at not only great prices but fantastic quality.

Remember, ready-to-assemble does not mean the furniture is of lower quality. In fact, many luxury furniture brands now carry a line of RTA furniture in their catalogs.

Here are the benefits of RTA furniture (and notice that price is not one of them):

1. Easy to assemble: All RTA furniture comes with easy assembly instructions and usually their own set of assembly tools. It takes minutes, not hours, to put together.

2. Easy to ship: One of the important things in keeping prices low is the ability for the manufacturer to move the product from the manufacturing facilities to the warehouse and to the retailer. Smaller boxes means the ability for the manufacturer to place more boxes on one truck, thus reducing shipping costs. These costs are passed through to you in lower prices.

3. Creativity: Yes, believe it or not, RTA furniture allows manufacturers to be more creative with product development. They know that they can use modules to create new furniture ideas, which means more choice for you – the consumer.

4. Easy to resell: We all eventually want to buy new furniture, and what to do with our old furniture can become a bit of headache. RTA furniture is the most sought-after furniture in the world, which means it’s easy for you to sell-off your old furniture.

I recommend you to seriously consider purchasing RTA furniture the next time you are looking for an edition to your home or office.